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Phishing emails, a thing of the past or even more of a threat than before?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails flooding your inbox this week, it’s prime time for hackers to slip their scam emails in along with the genuine ones. With an influx of emails to read, your guard may not be as high as usual, meaning you become vulnerable to falling victim to a scam email.

Email Archiving with Backup Systems.

Ever wanted a backup solution for your emails? One that not only archives your emails but everything from folders, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks?

Backup Systems saves the day!

After Alex Begg were facing issues with one of their most important virtual machines which hosted their essential databases, we stepped in to get it back up and running.

Microsoft Multifactor authentication to be enforced.

With unauthorised access becoming all too common, Microsoft are putting their foot down and beginning to enforce MFA for administrators when signing into Microsoft Admin Portals. The list of services include Microsoft Entra, Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Azure.

Losing your systems is a lot scarier than ghosts!

It’s Halloween! And while you may be more inclined to carve pumpkins, and dress up in spooky costumes, you may find yourself stressing about the fact you have lost access to your systems.

QNAP shuts down hackers conducting brute-force attacks.

A malicious server used in widespread brute-force attacks was taken down by QNAP recently, the server took advantage of internet-exposed NAS (network-attached storage) devices with weak passwords.