Stop Searching! We found the email you were looking for!

Are you fed up with having to scroll through thousands of emails, trying to track down that one particular invoice; or document you sent as a way to store it for later? We know it can be a hassle when you have hundreds of emails coming through every day, things can easily get misplaced or lost, and rather than deal with it at the time and organise it, it comes back to haunt you when it comes time to find that specific email.

Backup Systems eliminates the struggle entirely, with our Email Archiving solution, you’ll never again have to worry about tracking down that particular email, as a full archive of your inbox is backed up by us. All incoming emails are archived the moment they land in your inbox, so even if you delete them, we still have a copy of it on our end, if you wish to retrieve it. Furthermore, any outgoing email is also archived as soon as it leaves your inbox, it really is that quick!

You can safely delete as many emails as you like, and dramatically size down your inbox, with the reassurance that any of them can be retrieved, as and when you need them. With our intuitive GUI (as pictured) you’ll have no trouble locating what you need, as even the most specific and complex queries you can think of will help you track down what you need; with over 20 different criteria’s to help you do so too.

How safe is your email archive you ask? Well, your emails are encrypted and deduplicated so just like your own inbox, they won’t be cluttered. We also utilise MFA and  SSO, so a password won’t be enough to gain access, you’ll need additional confirmation in the form of a one-time code through email, text or with an authenticator app.

It’s not just your emails that get backed up, you can have your folders, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks all safe and secure in one place, you never have to worry about losing anything. Microsoft doesn’t take responsibility for any loss of data due to downtime or error on their end, they won’t be able to recover anything if something goes wrong, they actively encourage you to obtain a third-party backup, and Backup Systems is the right place to do it.

A full in-depth PDF of our Email Archiving service can be obtained by emailing us at or alternatively, give us a call at 0845 671 0290. You can also use the same line of contact to book a FREE demonstration of not just our email archiving service, but any of the services we offer. We want to ensure you have the appropriate backup solution to suit your needs, with our free demo, you’ll get an understanding of what we offer, and if it’s the right choice for what you’re after.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Adam Birkett