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What is the true cost of lost data to business?

Have you ever had this sinking feeling in your stomach when you lost something valuable like your wallet or your phone? The exact same feeling occurs when you realise you have just lost your valuable digital data. The cause of data loss can be many, anything from human error and system...

Backup & Restore Critical Office 365 Data

Many companies are making the move to cloud-based services such as Office 365 or Google Drive. It allows for automatic updates and increased productivity through ‘anywhere access and more efficient budget management.

Protect your company from data loss disasters

Data loss can occur in multiple ways, from human error to virus attacks. Data loss statistics suggest that some of the most common ways in which data is lost include hardware or system malfunction, accidental deletion, malware virus infections and cyber-attacks.

UK small businesses hit hardest by cyber-attacks

Cyber attacks can be detrimental for businesses, with the average cost to remedy an attack being £21,000. UK businesses have suffered an astounding number of cyber-attacks in 2018, with most of them being targeted on small businesses. Two thirds of companies with 10 – 49 employees have suffered...

Remote laptop backup remains a challenge for many organisations

Whether its working from home, hot desking or regular out of office meetings, being mobile and having access to information has become vital in today’s fast-paced environment. Critical data is circulating on everyone’s mobile devices and laptops. However, the constant flow and movement of data...