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Have you ever accidentally deleted an important email which you really needed? Do you require access to all company emails in one searchable database? Make sure your emails are always safe & easy to access with email archiving solutions; call us to find out more.
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Email archiving is the process of taking the mailboxes of given email accounts and keeping a secure and separate copy of all individual messages. These can then later be restored or remotely accessed in the event of system failure or data loss.

This is an essential part of any business; whether you need to archive important internal emails, correspondence between you and your customers or you rely on emails to manage work or incoming orders, then loss of these can be catastrophic.
How our email archiving solutions work
Access to archived emails is possible in seconds; retrieved using a simple front-end program, searches of any backed up mailboxes allow for messages to be opened in a client like Microsoft Outlook or restored to an account’s inbox.
Our email archiving solutions can be used independently or as part of a wider disaster recovery strategy. In addition to cloud storage access for all archived emails, we also keep a local and replicated archive in native Microsoft (.msg) file format – allowing for easy recovery into most major email clients.
Is email archiving different from normal backup?
Please be aware that the email archiving that we offer is slightly different to whole database backup. These solutions are specifically designed with emails in mind, so offer a more tailored approach with individual emails stored separately. This allows for quicker and easier access to individual messages, and quicker restoration in the event of disaster recovery.
As with all backup solutions we offer, backups are always kept secure and encrypted and our email archiving services are no different. Despite the ability to access individual emails rather than needing to download entire archives, your email archives will always be just as securely stored.

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Yes – you can search, view and restore individual emails.
Not to worry – we will search the database for you and give you all the emails. There is no charge for this.
Yes – if you want them to. The email archive will communicate with active directory to allow access to only their own archive, or you as the administrator can access everything.
After backing up each Exchange database, we peform a consistency check and make sure they are in a ‘clean shutdown state’.
It is unlimited and at no extra cost. We automatically add new mailboxes to the archive and as your data grows there is no extra cost.

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