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Did you know cloud services are susceptible to the same causes of data loss as on-premise applications? Cloud Storage services such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint are not infallible and its vital you take steps to backup these solutions.

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Cloud storage services have become key to modern business operations due to the cost-saving and easy anywhere, anytime access they provide to vital business assets. But are you backing these up? A common misconception is believing that cloud applications are backing up your business-critical data.

That is where we come in, our backup and disaster recovery solution offers:
  • Either on-premise or cloud solutions
  • Conversion of files, documents, spreadsheets and slides during the backup process to help you migrate.
  • Integration with your current infrastructure with minimal disruption to your business
  • Email archiving for an unlimited number of mailboxes
  • A complete and regularly checked backup for your business

Backup for Google Workspace

Backup your organisation’s Google Drives, Team Drives and all other Google Workspace services data. Quickly restore data, folder structures, settings and permissions on any file or even an entire Google Workspace. Backup Systems can backup either basic, business or enterprise Google Workspace including Google Drive files, Team Drives, Calendars and Contacts.

Backup for Microsoft emails and files

Backup your Microsoft files, Google Drive and Microsoft 365 data with encryption and secure access. Access any business data, search for any files, and restore any data no matter where it is within the business. Backup systems can find and restore any business email with email archiving solutions. We can connect to an unlimited number of SharePoint Online sites and One Drive for Business drives. All data is compressed and duplicated.

Why backup Google Workspace, SharePoint or Microsoft 365?

Any data stored in cloud storage applications is your responsibility, these applications do not back up the data they hold. Losing data can have a huge negative impact on your business, no business can afford to lose their business-critical data.
Backup Systems gives you peace of mind with our backup and disaster recovery with secure and encrypted backup. Cloud storage has become essential to business operations due to cost-savings and anywhere access they provide, ensure the applications you use are backed up with our solution. Our backups are scheduled to run automatically and provide you with better security with data management staying under your control.

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