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A lot of companies have staff who travel often or work remotely using a laptop. If anything happens to that laptop all work carried out over months or even years can be lost, so it is essential to backup the data stored on these devices.
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Being able to work on the go is an essential part of running a business; whether you’ve got a mobile sales team, frequently work out of the office or regularly use laptops for flexibility around the office, it’s often vital to keep information with you and take data off-site.

With this, though, comes the increased risk of data loss – whether that’s through the connection to unknown networks, loss of physical systems or damage to data or storage devices. We know that data on laptops is just as important as those on on-site systems or stored in servers – which is where laptop backup processes come in.

How backups can protect your business

Using backup services with your company laptops ensures that, regardless of how vital the data stored on it might be and whatever circumstances that data is lost, the backup will always be there to be restored. Thanks to the flexibility offered by web-based laptop agents, you’re able to define which files and systems are backed up, as well as the frequency.
For example – only selecting documents rating to company finance, and backing these up only when they’re updated (e.g. monthly).

What level of laptop backup do we provide?

Here at Backup Systems, we ensure that the backup of one or any number of your business’s laptops are backed up consistently, minimising the risk of data loss due to out-of-date backups. 

This means that, regardless of the type of system failure or loss when working out of the office or simply ‘hot desking’ internally, any valuable files are always backed up – ready to be restored in a matter of minutes.

Our laptop backup service is built around you, your business and your needs. You get to choose which laptops and how many of them are connected to our onsite backup server, as well as which files are backed up. This allows you to specifically select the important data you can’t afford to lose – whether that’s account records, customer work or internal documents.

Is remotely backed-up data safe?

The transfer is encrypted in transit for maximum security, and can be controlled by the user to reduce interference with other applications. All back-ups are integrated with your other backed up data, and can be accessed in exactly the same way – making the restoring of lost data as easy as possible.

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It is unlimited – as many as your company needs. There are no extra costs for each laptop.
Yes – the laptop will backup directly to your backup server even when not on the company network.
Yes – we use a high level of encryption when the data is it transit.

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