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Our competitive prices alongside the professionalism and customer service we provide, is why customers choose to come to us over and over again.
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We take care of everything from the running and checking of backups, to patching and upgrading. We understand that as an organisation you need to concentrate on your core business. Most companies simply don’t have the time (or skill) to do this themselves.

Multiple companies across the UK use our services, and reference sites are available on request. A server backup is vital for larger businesses who have in-house servers, because it is necessary for companies to continue operating.

Although the managed backup service is designed to be practically invisible to the end user, you might be curious as to what is going on behind the scenes.
For larger companies we offer three large advantages:
  1. Our enterprise managed backup is cross-site; that means all data remains within your network at all times and we will not charge you for the volume of data. Whether you want to store a file area for a year, or a database doubles in size – we will not bill you extra.
  2. The dedicated backup appliance allows the system to be centrally managed, that means no software agents need to be installed on your computers, it also means we can easily take care of all upgrades and maintenance.
  3. The backup appliance itself is virtualised, allowing you to source the hardware from your preferred supplier.

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Unlimited – we can backup as many servers as you want and make as many changes as you need. There are no extra charges for any changes or help you need.
Yes – this is a fully managed service – we are monitoring the backups and health of your backup server 24/7.
You will be notified of any problems. We will try to resolve them ourselves, however we will contact you for anything that needs to be done
It is fully managed service, and we keep you in the loop.Each morning you will receive a comprehensive backup report confirming the backups have run and detailing any issues.
The backup servers also have a web console so you can check the status at anytime.

For more information, view our full list of FAQs.

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