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System and file backups are far from being the only essential data backups for your business; Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 can be vital tools, particularly with any important information, files or correspondence stored in mailboxes.

And that’s where we come in; our Exchange backup solution offers:
  • A complete and consistency checked backup of the Microsoft Exchange Database Stores
  • A fully searchable email archive for an unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Office 365 email archive for an unlimited number of mailboxes
  • A complete image including the operating system which can be started up in minutes
Emails kept in a Microsoft exchange backup can be kept in a local replicated archive, and are available for recovery in Microsoft’s native email format (*.msg) – making the process fast and effective, with no complex restoration.

Flexible archive access & control

All backups are stored read-only, which gives protection against anything being changed by any user; nothing will get deleted, which allows for a comprehensive backup and full access to all emails.
Access of these can easily be controlled by your internal IT admin, which could include allowing individual users access to their own email archive to retrieve lost emails when needed or keeping access locked to IT support or HR for tracking or investigating employee emails.

What’s so important about Exchange Backup?

Our exchange archiving is the best way to combine an archive of all the old emails in any number of mailboxes alongside a separate backup – something you won’t get from Microsoft as a standard, or the security of a backup on a third-party server such as our own.
This affords you the flexibility and security of being able to pull any single email, group of emails or entire mailbox from any period of time since you started backing up and archiving with us. In the result of hardware failure, disaster recovery or general data loss you can have every mailbox running again exactly where you left off; exchange backups and archiving can be done at regular intervals, as well as in real-time, to minimise any kind of data loss.

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