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How do you protect business critical servers that need to be back online as soon as possible after a disaster?
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We know how important it is to keep your IT systems running; software, operating systems, network structure and individual files are always set up in a way that works for you. That’s why failure of individual devices or entire networks can have such a devastating impact. Starting from scratch, even if files are backed up, can be a huge task.

What is Disk Imaging?

Disk imaging is an essential part of backing up your IT infrastructure, or even just individual machines within your business. This process takes an exact copy of a system or other data disk. This contains a mirror image of the disk – including the operating system, applications, files and any data components.

Keeping your business running

Should any single machine in your network break down (resulting in data loss or non-functioning devices), or even the whole network itself, then this service ensures that you are back up and running again as quickly as possible.
When it comes to systems or individual machines breaking down, every second counts. With minimal (or no) ability to function, then the result is more than just inconvenient – there can easily be a financial impact.

Our bespoke solutions

What makes our services so important is we regularly take backups of disk images, making the copies we store as up to date as possible. This means that, should systems fail and we need to use the images to restore data, you’ll be able to run your IT systems exactly as they were before disaster struck.
The images we create are fully compatible with VMWare ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, meaning your physical servers can be started up in minutes in a virtual environment, or even in the cloud. The images can also be restored back to physical hardware, a process known as a bare-metal restore.
Our secure storage of your disk images means that the information is always safe. Unlike other backup methods or on-site storage, the risks of unauthorised access of the backups are minimal – letting you confidently carrying on running your business, even if your systems shut down.

Other Services

Yes – we take live server images of the data and operating system while the server is running.
We create images either in Microsoft VHD or VMWare VMDK format.
Yes. They can be started in minutes in either Hyper-V or ESX.

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