VMware ESXi under attack!

Ransomware continues to plague IT infrastructures in everyway it can, this time a new variant of the TargetCompany ransomware is targeting VMware ESXi environments. In short, the ransomware obtains information from the victim such as hostname, IP address, OS details, logged-in users and privileges, unique identifies, and details about the encrypted files and directories. Following this it will also encrypt a ton of files based on if they have VM-related extensions.

Finally, a text file appears to assist the user in being able to retrieve their encrypted files, this is however a risky thing to do, as it is never a guarantee that once a payment has been made your files will be decrypted, although this particular ransomware does reportedly delete itself after payment has been made, deleting all traces that could be traced back to the culprit.

A more in depth look at the Linux variant of the TargetCompany ransomware can be found here – https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/linux-version-of-targetcompany-ransomware-focuses-on-vmware-esxi/

This is why it’s vital that a third-party backup is obtained immediately, if your systems were backed up in the first place, the consideration of paying a ransom wouldn’t even cross your mind. Backup Systems highly recommend that not only do you secure a third-party backup before it’s too late, but that you do so with a tried and tested reliable provider, such as us. 

Backup Systems offers a dedicated VMware backup solution, it keeps your infrastructure secure, whilst minimizing any potential system downtime. Your backups are out of harms reach, meaning they aren’t susceptible to ransomware, hardware failure, or any kind of disaster for that matter. With fast restoration of your VM’s, your systems will be back up and running again like they never even went down. More details of our VMware backups can be found here – https://www.backup-systems.co.uk/vmware-backup/

With the accolade of being Cyber Essentials certified, as well as passing ISO27001 for 6 years running, you can trust that we are more than capable of taking care and looking after your data. These certifications prove we are competent enough to be able to protect your systems, we have the right idea when it comes to protecting your systems, we protect your data like we would our own, with the right care and attention that anyone should give towards sensitive user data, and with it SSO and MFA protected, you have nothing to worry about.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence