Fed up with cloud storage raining down high costs?

Did you choose to move to a public cloud like Azure or AWS? Surprised by the hidden costs and just how expensive it is in general? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Cloud storage became the popular choice for many companies, the convenience and safety of having your data stored elsewhere seemed a perfect fit, without even having to house the data on-premises. So, it was a no brainer that everyone a lot of their systems, but as times gone on, people are returning back to the good old-fashioned methods and backing their data up the tried and tested way. Cloud Repatriation is the term given to the process of moving from cloud storage back to either data centers or on-premises setups, and there’s a few reasons why you should consider doing so.

As we mentioned before the cost, not only do you have to pay another company to do it for you, by there’s also hidden fees that aren’t made aware to you until after the fact, once more these prices have only been going up as times gone on. It would be much cheaper to bring your data back to your own hands, you’ll see the savings in no time. With it in someone else’s hands as well, you’re putting the trust in them to take care of it, with big companies like these that host millions of data, how can you ensure that you are listened to or looked after? The customer care can only stretch so far when it has to be shared with so many others.

We at Backup Systems moved some of our servers into Azure, but due to the hidden costs that they neglect to tell you about, the total price really added up, suddenly cloud storage wasn’t as affordable and convenient as it was made out to be. Cloud storage is like a bag of chopped up carrots in the supermarket, while convenient, it can be incredibly expensive. Chopping up the carrots yourself would save you a lot of money, which is the same sentiment with the cloud, host your own systems yourself and you’ll notice a big change in how much money you’re saving.

While not everything needs to be moved from the cloud such as email archiving, a lot can come back to in-house, Backup Systems are here to help! While we can continue to offer cloud backups should you continue to utilise it for your primary systems, we can also help you move and maintain your backups with an on-premises service, with a seamless transition that will have you thinking why you hadn’t done it sooner. Our fantastic customer service is on hand to give you the best experience possible, and with us being UK based, time-zones aren’t an issue as we will get back to you in no time.

Our full list of managed services can be found here – https://www.backup-systems.co.uk/stop-searching-we-found-the-email-you-were-looking-for/. All of these services are easily suited to your needs, we also offer a FREE demonstration of them all too! Just drop us an email at info@backupsystems.co.uk or call us at 0845 671 0290 to book now!

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, C Dustin, Aron Schmitz & Jose Fontano