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How much are you paying for your data backup?

Backing up your systems and your business-critical data is an invaluable exercise, yet there is a strong possibility you are paying too much to do so.  

We know that a thorough backup and disaster recovery strategy is an investment in both your company’s growth and its continued survival. Much like insurance, it’s an investment, you pray you don’t need to use it but have that constant reassurance in your mind that if you do need it, it’s there. 

Every company’s backup and DR strategy should be based on their unique requirements and there is not a one size fits all plan out there (if you are looking to build out your own strategy check out our blog here). This distinct lack of standardization is being harnessed by our competitors to overcharge their client base, so if you are reading this article and are not a Backup Systems customer there is a high chance you are paying too much.

How do I know if I’m paying too much on my backup system?

If you are paying per GB per month, you are probably paying too much. Paying per license? Probably paying too much. Having to purchase extra licenses to archive data? Probably paying too much.  We even had one prospect who had to pay to retrieve their own data and we don’t think that’s acceptable.

If you are paying a company to protect your businesses most important asset, you would expect that if something went wrong you would be able to count on their support. Unfortunately, with some major backup providers that again is a separate cost.

Looking at the above, it is easy to understand how the cost of a backup solution can quickly begin to add up. We don’t believe this should be the case.

Another aspect to consider in terms of your backup costs is the amount of time spent by your IT team on managing this process. If you have an individual tasked with managing this process it can quickly consume a huge chunk of their resource.

How much should I be spending on backups?

Whilst a vital part of business continuity, we believe you shouldn’t have to commit a massive slice of your IT budget on your backup, nor should you be wasting massive amounts of time doing it.

Our annual cost for our backup solution starts at £8,000.

We don’t charge our clients based on the amount of data they have, and we offer unlimited support. We don’t just implement a solution and leave you to it, we provide a fully managed service. Meaning your IT team can focus on initiatives that will actually drive business growth. Without having to worry about dropping everything to retrieve a file that was accidentally deleted or restoring a laptop that was lost in the underground.  

If you want to compare our solution and the features that are included in our fully managed service check out our pricing here. Or download our managed service guide to understand more.

If you have any questions or would like a free trial of our Backup Systems service contact us on 0845 671 0290. Our team is always happy to help and answer any queries you might have.

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