Unlimited All-In-One Backup & Disaster Recovery

The service we provide is a complete, totally unlimited all-in-one managed backup service which encompasses a number of different aspects within it.

  • Live server imaging
  • Exchange backup and individual email archiving.
  • Laptop backup.
  • Hypervisor virtual machine backup.
  • Database backup.
  • Storage de-duplication.

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1 annual fee, no extra charges
Completely Unlimited
Fully managed service
Every client has a tailored strategy

One annual £5,000 fee - Unlimited data and servers

Specialists in onsite and cross site business backups. Backup Systems are one of the UK’s leading backup companies. We specialise in cose effective, secure backups for medium to large businesses with 200+ employees.

We’ll backup everything! PC’s, laptops, exchange servers, SQL, disk imaging, virtual machines – including hyper v and vmware. Your business stays protected from natural disasters and site outages by keeping an off-site copy.

100% Secure

  • • Data never leaves your network. It’s backed up from one customer site to another site or a data centre of your choice and we can support you 24/7.
  • • Better security than cloud backup, your data will always be under your control.

No Hidden Costs

  • • One flat annual fee, that’s it!
  • • Unlimited changes throughout the year.
  • • New machines added at no extra cost.
  • • We’ll scale as you grow your business.


  • • Backups automatically run to schedule.
  • • No onsite intervention needed, no risk of human errors.
  • • We’ll backup over low bandwidth networks.

Version Control

  • • Restore any old version of any file.
  • • Choose to restore to any specific date or time.
  • • Restore only what you need, within minutes.

Managed Business Backup Services

Welcome to Backup Systems – the UK’s leading provider of managed backup services for both SMEs and large enterprises.

We’ve been working with a number of SMEs and larger firms on planning the best possible data backups solutions since 2005, giving us the experience needed to provide a cutting edge service with support from a team with an always-growing level of expertise.

The service we provide is a complete, all-in-one managed backup service which encompasses a number of different aspects within it, tailored to different scenarios.

We can provide tailored solutions in a number of areas, all within a main managed backup service. We provide you with a managed backup service that suits you; including the elements that you need. Our fully managed service includes an annual cost of £5,000 per backup server, which includes all the areas of backup that we offer – no additional hidden charges.

Our managed business backup service includes:

To find out more about the comprehensive business backup service we provide, please browse our website or get in touch with our team; we’ll happily talk you through what our managed service includes.

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