Would an AI voice make you the victim of a phishing attack?

In a recent study with IT leaders, they believe that the UK government can’t defend its citizens and enterprises from cyberattacks. 52% of those questioned held the opinion that the government are not in a position to defend you from cyberwarfare, which ranks the UK higher than Germany and France, who had 40% and 42% retrospectively of IT pros saying the same about their own government.

What’s worrying about the lack of faith in governments, is the added increase of attacks which can only fuel the fire of not believing the government has your back. The survey also found that geopolitical tensions, created an increased threat in regards to cyberwarfare, with 46% of those questioned in the UK believing this to be the case.

More information regarding the survey can be found at the link below.


We can’t stress enough how important a third-party backup is, every week it seems there is an increased threat to your systems, with no one but yourself to blame if you lose your important data. You are the one at fault if you don’t have a backup of your data, if your organisation falls victim to a cyber-attack, your boss won’t be firing the hacker, it’ll be you getting kicked out the door.  That’s quite the punishment for something you could’ve easily prevented with a backup from us.

Cyberattacks aren’t always avoidable, as hackers get smarter with the way they work, they will always be one step ahead, but they will never be ahead of a system that is correctly backed up. Even if they compromise your system, your third-party backup is elsewhere, meaning you can recover and restore back to normal, with minimal downtime.

Backup Systems isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Marcin Nowak