It’s 2024, why aren’t your systems backed up?

Surprisingly, a lot of people do not follow the correct protocol when it comes to backing up their systems. While you may assume nothing would happen to endanger them, why take the risk? If something was to go wrong, and you haven’t correctly backed them up, you are in trouble. Listed below are just a few of many reasons you should be backing up your systems, especially with the care and dedication of Backup Systems.


Wide variety of backups

Backup systems has something for everybody when it comes to protecting what’s important to you. Email Archiving, Microsoft 365, VMware, SQL Server, to name a few. Backups with Windows, Linux, Apple Servers, and Virtual Machines can all be restored to their original state, and even restored to a separate location. Point-in-time recovery is another service we offer too, allowing to return a system to the state it was at, prior to the specific point where down time occurred. A full run down of our managed services can be found at the top of our website. 


Microsoft recommends it.

Microsoft themselves recommend you should have a third-party backup. Yes, you read that right, while you can use OneDrive and SharePoint as cloud storage, these aren’t backup solutions. Should these services fail, there isn’t a copy of them elsewhere, and Microsoft aren’t responsible for it either. While having a copy of files in the cloud can help with simple file deletion, it doesn’t help if your entire system dies, which is why you should backup your system remotely. Critically, having a backup with us allows you to restore from a point in time, should you need to recover your files.


UK Based Developer.

A lot of backup services you find online are based outside of the UK, this can lead to a delay in response, leaving you helpless and not being able to recover when needed. With Backup Systems being UK based, you can ensure that you’ll get the help you need, as you won’t need to worry about time zone’s affecting when you can reach us. With a reliable, and quick to respond team at hand, you will be back up and running before you know it. What’s more, Backup Systems is the only UK developer of Backup and DR software as a service (BaaS). Furthermore, we’re proud partners of Made in Britain, you can find our public profile here


SSO and MFA authentication.

Backup Systems utilises SSO and MFA authentication with its web portal, with support for both Google and Microsoft authenticators. In short, these provide an extra layer of protection, by minimizing the number of accounts you have to a single login (SSO), and force the requirement of additional information to be provided when logging in (MFA). This means if your password is compromised, access won’t be granted without another registered device, or one time code.


Free demonstration.

We know that just telling you about it can only do so much, which Is why with the services we offer can be shown to you properly with a free demonstration from our team. To get in contact with us to book one you can either email us at, or call us at 0845 671 0290.


Our five star reviews speak for themselves, take a look at what type of service Backup Systems is providing here –


Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Paul Hanaoka