Backup Systems secure new partnership with ISS

As we at Backup Systems are starting to delve in to working with MSP’s, our latest partnership is with ISS. Aiming to make IT support as frustration free as possible, ISS have been a vital part of small businesses, in ensuring that their IT systems run as smoothly as possible. ISS share a lot of qualities that Backup Systems do, in the sense that, we both offer a service which makes you feel like you aren’t just another number in the system, both of us take care of your needs and treat you like a human being, which is the least you should expect in customer service.

Backup Systems looks forward to working with ISS, to provide the best possible backup solution and disaster recovery it can do for its clients. Not only are we taking care of ISS clients in handling their backups, but we are also backing up ISS data, ensuring that they are also taken care of.

ISS can help your business by supplying you with the IT setup you need, minus the hassle. Visit their website now to find out more –

So, what does Backup Systems offer to it’s clients?

Our team are always on hand to assist you with any requests or queries, and with us being a UK based business, one that’s a proud member of Made in Britain, you can ensure you can get a response in no time, and not have to worry about time zones affecting when you can get a hold of us. We’re also the only UK developer of Backup and DR software as a service (BaaS).

We have a wide range of managed services that can be found on our website, these range from Laptop backups for your business, VMWare backups & Hyper-V Virtual Machines. We also offer email archiving, disaster recovery and SQL Server backups. Looking to backup Microsoft 365? Including OneDrive and SharePoint? We got that covered too, and rightly so, being as though Microsoft don’t actively back these services up, you should probably get to it and secure a backup right away.

Many more of the types of backups we offer can be found here –

Our backups are SSO and MFA protected, we take care of your data like we do our own, with the best protection we possible can. Even if your password is compromised, these extra layers of security will prevent unwarranted access, your data is safe with us! Our new and improved GUI makes it easier than ever to access your backups now, with filters that let you find specifically what you need, down to the time and date.

Does this sound like something you’d like to offer to your clients?

Interested in also partnering with Backup Systems?

We already offering a fantastic service to our clients, and by partnering with us, we can work together to provide the best backup solutions possible. Backup Systems is always looking to expand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Email us at or call us at 0845 671 0290.

Our clients reviews should give you the vote of confidence you need to trust us with your data, have a read of them here –

Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Sebastian Hermann & Elisha Terada