Backup Systems recently conducted a visit to one of their customers to do a drive replacement. 

Chris Blewitt from Backup Systems went and visited one of our customers this past week to replace some failed hard drives on an on-site server. The on-site server, which we manage needed 2 of it’s hard drives replacing, a quick and easy job that ensures the upkeep and reliability of our service.

If you currently run a system that isn’t being backed up or is solely being backed up with a single hard disk drive, consider getting in touch with us to find out how you can make your system more secure and prevent downtime. We offer multiple solutions for you to ensure the safety of your systems and with over 15 years’ experience you can expect a reliable service that you can put your trust in.

Everyone is different, same applies to our customers. Some customers require onsite and offsite or cloud copy of their data. Backup Systems work with you to implement the perfect solution that works for your company.

visit our managed services to find out more!

Photo by Daniel Lawrence and Brett Sayles