Are your backups encrypted?

You might think that a simple backup of your files is enough to protect them, but what if someone was to gain unwarranted access to them? Ensuring your files are encrypted is the best method of preventing a hacker from viewing or stealing them. Whether this be while they are at rest or in transit, if they aren’t encrypted, they can be compromised.

Our Backup Servers software uses high-end encryption, and supports military grades such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standards) 128, 192 and 256. These impenetrable encryption algorithms are designed to make sure nobody is ever able to access the data behind them. When these backups are replicated to another backup server, they are encrypted in transit to ensure maximum protection of your data.

Having hardware encryption on your backup storage devices, then doubled up with our software encryption, will give you the upmost security for your backups. Having two layers of high-end encryption should give you the comfort of knowing you’re applying the best level of defence against unauthorised. access from potential hackers.

The backups we offer are always encrypted so you never have to worry about them being compromised. If you’d like to know more about the types of backups we offer, then check out our managed services at Get in contact today to book a demo with us.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Taylor Vick