Your passwords caught in the dark web once again!

A common way for accounts to be compromised is down to data breaches, the information obtained from these ranges in what they contain, but the majority will have email and password combinations. This data will eventually make it’s way on to the dark web and be shared amongst various users, with the intent almost always being for malicious reasons. With one account information being compromised, the risk is low, with a simple password reset at the moment of being notified of a breach being enough to stop unwarranted access, as usually by then when someone goes to log in, the information will already be out of date.

However, the problem you face nowadays is that people get lazy when they have so many accounts, meaning they reuse the same login information across multiple services. One breach could give hackers the ability to gain access to ALL of your services, if you were foolish enough to reuse your username and password combinations. You put your data at risk if you decide to neglect account security, one compromised account could be irretrievable, and if it’s a company SharePoint or OneDrive account, your job could be added to the list of things you lose thanks to cyber attackers.

A screenshot, shown here, shows how Norton was able to notify a user that it’s login information appeared in a list found on the dark web.  This feature is useful as it can hopefully prevent a user’s account from being taken over before it’s too late.

While we can’t force you to change all your passwords, we can certainly stress to you how a third-party backup is vital, should you decide that changing passwords isn’t necessary. An account wouldn’t be recoverable, but if the contents stored in it are backed up elsewhere, then you’ll be able to swiftly recover, without the need of even having to retrieve the compromised account.   

Our backups are SSO and MFA protected too, so even if your password was involved in one of these dark web passwords list, the criminals would need physical access to another one of your devices, to authorise login. It’s not just SharePoint or OneDrive we backup either, we can take care of your business entire IT infrastructure, a full breakdown of the backups we provide can be found here – Furthermore, we offer FREE demonstrations of these services, just get in contact with us either through email at or by calling us at 0845 671 0290.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Adam Mescher, Andy Vult & Rafael Garcin