Users are visiting phishing sites more than legitimate ones, is your data backed up?

Would you be able to tell you’re on a legit website, as opposed to a phishing one? More than half of people found that they were visiting a fake version of what they thought was a legitimate website. It was discovered that the USPS (United States Postal Service) website, was being visited less than it’s fake counterpart, which was setup to steal users data. The bulk of the traffic was found to be during peak holiday times, where a rise in postal services would be a given. But if hackers are willing to take advantage of something as simple as a postal service, imagine the other website that they could be looking to take advantage of, that could cause catastrophic damage for your business.

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We’ve seen it happen before, fake emails or even fake text messages pertaining to be employees bosses, have nearly fooled the recipient in to handing over highly confidential user login information. One slip up where you don’t pay attention, and you’ll find yourself having to explain to your higher ups why their business is suddenly shutdown, because you handed over login details to a hacker. Now, while backup systems can’t prevent a threat from targeting you, it can certainly help you recover, should your systems go down, here’s how.

Backup Systems offers a number of backups for you to choose from, all of which are SSO and MFA protected, something which would save you if you were to fall victim to a phishing scam, and give away your login details. One of the things we specifically cover is Microsoft 365, including SharePoint and Outlook, so you can retrieve all your shared files, as well as your emails. We highly recommend this as we’ve said previously, Microsoft doesn’t retain a backup of it’s services, so if they suffer outage, they won’t be able to help you.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Andrej Lisakov, Dan Cristian Pad, Mae Mu & Vismay Krishna