Are we the real threat to our data?

Sometimes, it isn’t the hackers who pose the biggest threat to your systems, what if it was yourself? A simple slip up or lack of concentration when it comes to organising your systems could see you lose your data. You could spend so much time on protecting your systems from hackers, and having the latest software to protect against viruses. But if your data isn’t backed up then it doesn’t matter, you yourself could lose it all, let alone a cyber-attacker taking your systems down. 

Even the police in America managed to make the mistake of losing important files when carrying out system maintenance, which wasn’t backed up. See the link below to find out more information about it.

Some people may not see the need for a backup, as they believe they wouldn’t be targeted by hackers. If that’s the case, then they wouldn’t see the need to backup their data against themselves either, because they wouldn’t delete their own data. But like with the example above, it can happen, mistakes can cause you quite a hassle, which is why you should secure a third-party backup, even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Backup Systems is the ultimate solution to prevent you from losing your job. Yes, it could be that serious if you mess up. Would you rather be able to tell your boss that you’ve lost company data and its unretrievable, or would you rather be able to tell them that you’ve got it covered, and the data can be restored from the backup. We know which is the right answer, which is why you should check out our managed services right now to find the backup solution that’s right for you.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Marc Mueller