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Data and information are the lifeblood of the modern organisations regardless of size. In the event of a disaster, you need to be able to recover your data, confidential documents and intellectual assets to ensure the survival of your business.

Organisations need to have a robust solution in place in order to protect their digital assets from a rising number of threats including, ransomware, drive failure, network failure, human errors and so on. Even with the best-laid preparations, some disasters can’t be avoided, if your network security fails and you become the victim of a ransomware attack, can you afford to pay hackers?

Having the right backup solution in places means you can wipe the infected device safe in the knowledge that your intellectual assets and your confidential materials aren’t lost. We pride ourselves on the capabilities of our backup solution but we can do so much more.

Some threats are unbeknown to you and some threats you hope to never experience. One of our clients recently experienced such an instance.

Employees change roles and move on, this is a natural part of business but some take more than they have a right too. When employees move to competitors they will often be put on gardening leave in order to prevent the transfer of sensitive or confidential data. What our client did not expect was for their ex-employee to be sending confidential material regarding their client base to his soon to be employer before he went on leave.

We were able to consult our email archive tool that captures all incoming and outgoing emails, and our support team were quickly able to find the email that proved this individual had indeed sent emails to his personal email account with a list of current clients and details of upcoming projects and client product information.

Armed with the evidence of the ex-employees misconduct the will be pursuing legal action against them and their new employer. Backup Systems are a partner you can trust in the protection of your information, we help you prepare for every type of disaster and ensure you have the utmost protection in even the most trying situations.

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