Would an AI voice make you the victim of a phishing attack?

The latest method threat actors have turned to will have you doing a double take, as they have turned to AI generated voices. Receiving an urgent phone call from the CEO of your organisation would without doubt cause concern, leading you to want to deal with the matter instantly. However, for one LastPass employee, the phishing attempt was averted due to the fact that the hacker in question chose to contact them through WhatsApp, a platform which the employee deemed unusual for normal business communication.

If the call had come in a more formal approach, who knows if it would have been spotted as a fake, the implications would have been catastrophic, especially given the data LastPass hold in their systems. Thankfully, rather than keep quiet, LastPass decided to share the attempted attack, in the hopes that we can all learn and recognise the efforts some people are willing to go to get into any system.

More about the LastPass AI call can be read at the link below.


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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Nastuh Abootalebi