The US Marshals Service hit with data breach and ransomware attack.

The US marshals service are the latest victims of the ever so frequent world of cyber attacks, the attack led to sensitive information being compromised, ranging from administrative information and personal information pertaining to subjects of investigation by the USMS.

With any ransomware attack the risk of data being breached is always huge, the US Marshals service database includes information regarding their Witness Security Program, however luckily none of this seems to be affected by the attack as claimed by a senior law enforcement official.

More can be read about the attack here

Hackers don’t discriminate with their targets; even high-profile government systems are at risk to being compromised, so you could be too. Even at the highest level of security hackers will find a way.

You can prevent losing your files and systems to ransomware, with a third-party backup stored separately to your main systems. Having a copy of your systems elsewhere keeps it from being encrypted in a ransomware attack.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence and Brett Sayles