Microsoft Multifactor authentication to be enforced.

With unauthorised access becoming all too common, Microsoft are putting their foot down and beginning to enforce MFA for administrators when signing into Microsoft Admin Portals. The list of services include Microsoft Entra, Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Azure.

Furthermore, there will be policies that ensure MFA will be required for users of any apps that are cloud based, as well as for high-risk sign ins. This however will only apply to Entra ID premium plan customers.

If you’d like to read more about these MFA polices that are being enforced, you can read more about it here:

You may be thinking, how does this integrate with Backup Systems? Well, we also make use of MFA and using your Microsoft account, you can manage access to us centrally. This is done with a process referred to as Single Sign On (SSO), this allows you to access the Backup Systems Portal with your Microsoft credentials.

Logging in with your Microsoft account which already utilises MFA, adds an extra layer of security that prevents unwarranted access to your account, even if someone was to get your password, they would still need additional confirmation. With that account securely locked down with MFA, you can use it with Backup Systems and not have to worry about if your backups are safe or not, they are!

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Plann