Microsoft Hacked!

Do you have data in Microsoft? Azure or 365? If so, it’s important you read on!

Numerous senior executive accounts, as well as dozens of Microsoft Azure environments have been compromised, through the use of credential phishing and cloud account takeover techniques. The attacks, which are still on going, have been conducted through the use of documents with embedded links, prompting users to “View Document”. The hyperlink however redirects users to a phishing page, which by that point it’s too late.

More information about the data breach can be read here:

While the technique used here is a clever way to trick the user into clicking a phishing link, it is certainly not a new one. If you receive an email which is asking you to click a link, make sure to check it is a legitimate email, as seen here with Microsoft, one click is all takes for someone to gain access to everything. When downloading attachments, again, be sure it is from a reliable source, and be mindful that while a downloaded word or pdf file may not initially do anything when downloaded, these documents may contain the phishing links inside them, just waiting for you to click them.

Ask yourself, do you have data in Azure or Microsoft 365? As stated in the past, Microsoft doesn’t retain a backup of these services, they urge you to source a third-party backup, so don’t think your company data is safe because you have it in OneDrive or SharePoint. Azure isn’t backed up either, so don’t think you’ll be ok, it will all be lost.

Don’t think that it wouldn’t happen to you, when even a business at the scale of Microsoft can suffer from such an attack, it will all be lost if it falls in to the wrong hands, don’t be a victim. It’s better to be prepared, than to source a backup solution after something goes wrong. It’s a lot easier to restore from a backup, then to start again from square one, so act now to ensure a backup of your Azure and Microsoft 365 data while you can!

It will be YOUR job on the line if it all gets lost, you have been warned!  

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Towfiqu Barbhuiya