Microsoft 365 comes under renewed attack, and this time no security product can stop it.

The malware known as ‘Emotet’ is currently becoming quite a problem for Microsoft 365 users, the malware is now being distributed through Microsoft OneNote email attachments, to bypass Microsoft security restrictions.

A pop up saying the OneNote document is protected will display on a user’s screen, the pop up prompts you do double click to view, doing so will run the malware without you knowing.

Previously Emotet made use of malicious macros inside Word and Excel attachments, this was however fixed as Microsoft now automatically blocks macros in downloaded documents.

If a user downloads the malware, the hackers are given access to email contacts and email content, for use in future spam campaigns.

More can be read about it here

Backing up your Microsoft 365 is the only way to combat these malicious attacks, whilst a fix is worked on from Microsoft.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence and Brett Sayles