Meta owned services Instagram and WhatsApp reportedly suffered downtime recently, leaving users unable to access their messages and socials.

You may be thinking to yourself, how does such a big company allow this to happen? Surely a company that owns two of the biggest and most used apps in the world, would have measures in place to prevent this from happening right?

Well with the increase in popularity in these platforms comes a greater demand to fix things should they go wrong, if the apps need to be updated or fixed, then there is a great deal of pressure for these updates to go out, otherwise users will lose faith in the company believing that they don’t keep their app up to date.

With millions using your platform, you can’t afford to leave it broken. Updates are more likely to come out with less testing before they are rolled out to keep the consumer happy and keep up with the demand.

This however can lead to updates rolling out that aren’t entirely tested, as such this leads to the app needing to go down whilst these fixes are amended, leaving you with outages for your users and it becomes a bigger inconvenience than just testing the updates more thoroughly in the first place.

So, what can be done to avert downtime if something like this was to happen?

The solution to this would be to have a backup server to rely on during downtime, one which can be provided by someone like us here at Backup Systems. Whilst you make the fixes and changes, the backup server can be a safety net, allowing the services to still be up and running without having to inconvenience the user.

Not only Meta can benefit from this, but anyone who owns a company that provides a service for its users can! If Meta, who is one of the biggest companies in the world, can suffer outages that would’ve been prevented from having a third-party backup, then you surely can too!

Backup Systems can ensure that your servers are safely and securely backed up!

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Andrea Piacquadio