Looking to restore your backups to a separate location? We can help with that!

More often than not if someone wants to restore a backup of their system, they want to do it where the original backup was taken from. This is easily done by us and is one of the most common forms of a backup and restore. But what if you want to restore a backup elsewhere? is that possible? Well, the answer is yes, and there is a number of ways in which we can do it.

Say for example we take a file-level backup of your Windows, Linux, or Apple Servers or even a Virtual Machine, these backups whilst being able to be restored back to their original location can also be restored elsewhere, in places such as OneDrive or SharePoint. Some customers have used this process as a reliable migration tool for their business, moving everything over to another location entirely, without the hassle of using another third-party software.

At backup systems we offer anything from Manage data backups, windows server backups, VMware backups, Hyper-V backups, and many more, all of which can be found under the managed services section of our website, navigate to managed services found at the top of our website, to get a full list of backups that we can provide. If you’d like to see how it works directly, we offer free demos so you can see the service and know it’s right for you.  

Not convinced yet? take a look out our 5 star reviews from our past customers, who were more than happy with the level of service we provided them. https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/back-up-systems-ltd 

Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Gruppopiu & Matthew Mcbrayer