Learning is hard, lets at least make sure their work is looked after.

IT Managers working in education are responsible for the staff and students’ important data. One mistake could lead to the loss of thousands of students’ important work, as well as staff members losing their lesson plans, confidential emails, the damage would be catastrophic. They put in the effort to learn, the least you can do is return the favour by ensuring their progress is safe, as well as stored efficiently and securely.  

Backup Systems can look after you so you can look after them, we are the only developer of Backup and DR software as a service (BaaS) in the UK. With your data in our hands, you have zero worries as we take care of it as if its our own, any queries are just one email away, with a fast and responsive support team that help you in anyway possible, without hesitation.  

We will look after everything you need. Your Microsoft 365 environment isn’t backed up by Microsoft and we can’t stress enough how important it is to source a third-party backup, as Microsoft recommends. Backup Systems will make sure your Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams are backed up safely for when you need them, preventing loss of data from either accidental deletion or the dreaded ransomware.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence and Kenny Eliason