Laptop Backups with Backup Systems

With an increase in remote working over the past years, laptops have been the go-to when it comes to continuing with work out of the office. But, with the added convenience of being able to take your work setup out and about, welcomes the risk of your laptop being damaged, stolen. or even compromised. Choosing to work in public hotspots that offer free WI-FI helps you to get a change of scenery, but connecting to unknown networks poses the risk of hackers obtaining vital information.

These networks that don’t require logins, and have no security measures in place, are perfect for cyber attackers looking to steal your data. Logging in to confidential work areas should also be avoided, as these credentials can be obtained when using an unprotected network. Your password can be stolen and suddenly hackers have access to everything, which could cripple your business if they decide to act maliciously.

A third party-backup is the way to go to, if something goes wrong, you’re able to recover, no matter the issue. If the laptop physically fails or is misplaced, the data held on it will be able to be recovered from the backup to a new device. When creating the backup, you can choose which files and systems are backed up, as well as how often they are done. As a business owner with staff using work laptops, any number of these laptops can be backed up securely with us, and you can get peace of mind, knowing that if something was to go wrong, it is safe with us to be recovered.

Your backups exist off site, which keeps them separate from the system itself. This means if the main system would fail, or physically become damaged, the backups are safe as they are stored elsewhere. These backups are encrypted, and with our GUI are MFA and SSO protected, so even with a password, these backups won’t be accessed unless you provide additional information, that a hacker would not have access to.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Windows