Introducing Single Sign-On, With Backup Systems.

With our new Backup Systems Portal, comes the newly implemented Single Sign-On functionality (SSO). We are adding this for our users to make it easier to sign in and access their backups, this makes the login process easier and seamless. Some of you may already know what Single Sign-On is, but to those who aren’t in the know, here’s a quick rundown.

Rather than making a new, freshly dedicated account, Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to sign into a service through the use of another account you already have, such as with Microsoft, Google, or Apple for example. Using the credentials for these accounts instead of making a new one saves you the hassle of having multiple accounts, that you may end up forgetting. This in turn prevents the risk of being locked out of an account because you can’t remember the login details.

With one account to access multiple services, it’s more convenient to use an already existing account, as you only have to click one sign in button, as opposed to making an entirely new account. With everything under one login, you can reduce the risk of data breaches compromising your account. Many people will reuse passwords, and as such, one leaked account can compromise the rest of them. With one strong password on one account, you can prevent this from happening.

With this login method implemented into our new Backup Systems Portal, it will help you manage and maintain a level of security with your system backups, and give you less to worry about while still being safe and secure. From a managerial perspective, you can also manage users access to the Backup Systems Portal through these services, such as Azure active directory.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence