Insurance companies require ‘Air Gap’ backups.

As a requirement, cyber insurance companies are demanding that their customers have an ‘Air Gap’ backup, this can be in addition to already onsite and offsite backup copies, to ensure maximum protection. The air gap means that the backups are not accessible or on the company network. So, ransomware can’t get to them.

Backup Systems can supply you with a reliable air gap backup, so that you can adhere to the requirements put in place. The backups are immutable meaning once taken they cannot be edited in anyway, by ransomware or even by us.

Cyber insurance companies want you to be as secure as possible, without doing so will result in them not paying out should you fall victim to a ransomware attack.

In the space of one year ransomware payouts nearly doubled, with the UK ransom payments even higher than global average. More of this can be read at the link below.

With the UK being such a high target for ransomware attacks, it’s now more important than ever to act now to secure your systems.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Erick Cerritos, Mads Eneqvist and Mohammad Alizade