Holiday Hacks! Don’t rest just yet.

Holidays may seem like the perfect time for you to relax and put your feet up. But being able to stay at home all week and not have to worry about work responsibilities can come to a crashing halt, when you return to find your systems completely overrun by hackers!

Opportunist hackers will see the holidays as a perfect time to compromise your systems, with no one there to fight them off it’s the perfect time to strike! With no on there for multiple days, the time in which it could be left untreated can be catastrophic to your systems.

So, when you’re packing up to go home on your final day before the holidays, and you check for your keys, wallet, and phone, have another check for one last thing. Did I have the correct measures in place to protect the systems while I was gone?

One of the ways you should be ensuring protection is a reliable backup of your systems, and with Backup Systems, you can have just that. Take a look at our managed services on our site, we offer multiple ways to help you keep your system safe, helping you to choose the right one is our priority.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Ashutosh Sonwani and Lisa Fotios