Google Drives users mad with missing files.

A number of Google Drive users have had their files from the past few months mysteriously disappear, leaving many panicking and wondering where they’ve gone. The files in question have not been moved or deleted by accident, they have just completely vanished without a trace. The problem seems to be prevalent with users who have the desktop app version of google drive, with google urging users not to disconnect their accounts, as this could lead to further issue and lost files.

As a standard, Google Drive offer 15GB of storage space for free, but with it being so widely used, there are many who pay for more storage space, meaning some are quite rightly aggravated by their files going awol. Google are yet to come out with a fix for the issue, as they are unsure on what exactly is causing it, they are however urging users to make backups of all files and services they have in Google, to prevent further loss.

Cloud services are not immune to issues and loss, at its core, they are just another computer that is hosting the files you have uploaded, without a backup if something was to go wrong. Whilst helpful to transfer files, these shouldn’t be what you rely on to backup anything important, which is why you should get a third-party backup of your systems and files, something Google and Microsoft suggest you do with its services.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Ben Kolde & Markus Spiske