Ever wondered what ransomware looks like for the victim?

Royal Mail were hit with a ransomware attack last month, causing international shipping to be halted. The service continues to be disrupted, currently running with limited service.

The hackers ‘Lockbit’ who have claimed responsibility, have demanded a ransom of £66 million, if the ransom was not met, they threatened to post the stolen data online.

More can be read here https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2023/02/14/royal-mail-turned-66m-ransom-demand-lockbit-hackers/

The ransom can be seen pictured above, showcasing the threat presented to Royal Mail if they were to not pay. Royal Mail did in fact not pay the ransom, which is the correct thing to do if you find yourself in the same situation.

There is no promise hackers will not distribute your stolen data, or decrypt your files if you were to pay the ransom, the risk is not worth it as there is a high chance they will take the money and run.

The importance of protecting user data is high, governments can fine 4% of yearly revenues if personal information is stolen from them by hackers.

Using Backup Systems to back up your servers, can ensure if you are hit by ransomware, then you have a safe and secure copy, and not having to resort to paying these fee’s to get your data back

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence and Brett Sayles