Backup Systems saves the day!

Ever wanted a backup solution for your emails?

One that not only archives your emails but everything from folders, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks?

With Backup Systems you can get a full archive of all your emails, that will never get deleted. Any email that is received into your inbox will get archived, with a copy being made the moment it is received by the user. Even emails that are sent are also archived from the moment they leave your inbox, meaning you never have to worry about losing vital emails, even if they are deleted by yourself.

With this in mind, you can easily reduce the size of your mailbox, knowing that should you need to recover something, it can be found in the archive. Furthermore, the emails are encrypted and deduplicated, so you won’t be finding duplicates taking up unwanted space. Individual users can also log into their own read-only archive, allowing them to see the necessary emails, without them seeing other users archived emails.

The Backup Systems intuitive GUI is the backbone of our email archive, allowing users to build up complex queries to search and retrieve emails quickly, with over 20 different criteria. With ease you can search all mailboxes that backed up, as well individual mailboxes and select folders. Within the GUI you can preview the email you’ve searched for, as well as see a score based on your search query for how accurate the results match your search, this can also be sorted from low to high.

Along with basic login credentials to protect your archive, we make use of MFA authentication, meaning should someone obtain your password, they would need additional verification to be able to gain access. Login authentication can also be liked to AD and Microsoft accounts, so that you can take advantage of Single Sign On.

Other key factors of our email archive include…

·         Connects to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

·         Emails retrieved and stored in native Microsoft MSG format and include all the attachments.

·         Emails can be replicated to a secondary site for extra peace of mind.

·         Email archive is GDPR compliant, if an employee is leaving a company and wants every emails deleted we are able to do so.

If this is something that you feel you can benefit from, then visit where you can get in touch with us, and book a free demo when it suits you. Feel free to read our various 5-star reviews as well at

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Mediamodifier