Breached SQL servers lead to hackers targeting Azure cloud VM’s.

With hackers relentlessly finding new ways to cause a nuisance to your systems every day, it’s no surprise that they’ve found another way to gain access where they shouldn’t. This time they are targeting cloud environments, by making use of Microsoft SQL Servers that are vulnerable to SQL injection. The attacks in question were started by exploiting a SQL injection vulnerability, which enabled access to the SQL server instance hosted on an Azure Virtual Machine with elevated permissions, leading SQL commands to be executed and valuable data to be extracted.

More about this can be read here.

Now while there is no ultimate protection against hackers, as they will always find a way around protection if they really want to access your systems. We at Backup Systems offer a dedicated Microsoft SQL database backup, as well as dedicated database backups for MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle. Furthermore, we offer Azure VM backups to ensure the entire server, along with its databases, configuration, and drives are backed up. These types of backups mean that should your systems get compromised, you will not lose everything, you will be able to restore your system from before it was accessed by hackers, and have it back to normal.

The regular procedures for keeping your systems safe and secure should always be followed to prevent hackers from gaining access. Sometimes there is just no way to prevent this from happening, but you can certainly stall the hackers by following these tips we put up on our blog here.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, David Pupaza & Altum Code