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Outsourcing benefits for SME’s


Entrepreneurs often have many enviable talents and a great drive to succeed, yet they can be guilty of thinking they can do it all. But when they focus on bookkeeping, IT Management or HR, they are not concentrating on their core business. Here we list the outsourcing benefits.

In the past, outsourcing has been seen as a strategy reserved for multinationals and big businesses but with the advancement in technology, it has become much more accessible to small and medium enterprises. For some small organisations, outsourcing has become a powerful growth tool that can impact both productivity and their bottom line.

Making the initial decision and then implementing various new partners can be time-consuming, but harnessing the power of individuals that are professionals within their own field can offer increased efficiencies and offer benefits from economies of scale that you couldn’t experience if you were doing everything on your own. When you tap into the global pool of human capital you can compete directly with the biggest competitors in your market, and you can win.

Let’s look at the example of backup and disaster recovery, why you should outsource it and the benefits you can experience from doing so:

What are the backup & disaster recovery outsourcing benefits?

Your backup and disaster recovery is one of the major components of your business’ operational infrastructure. However, some companies can be guilty of waiting until it is too late or something has gone wrong before they consider their protocols. As far as outsourcing goes, you will find that many businesses outsource their backup since it is such a specialist area, plus it is a simple and easy way of ensuring your vital business data is safe.

Trust an expert

Unless your business is based on backup and disaster recovery, it is unlikely that you are an expert in this field. If you are busy managing a small business, it is likely that you haven’t given much consideration to your backup, but if something goes wrong it can cause major disruption and really set your business back.

If you outsource your backup and disaster recovery to an expert it means that if you experience a ransomware attack, fire or lost a device, they are able to expedite the process of recovery and save you a massive deal of trouble. You might even have your own recovery plan, but if it came down to it, are you confident in your abilities to implement it, or more importantly, that it will work?

By outsourcing to an expert, you take the headache out of managing one of the most vital components of your business: your information. If you lose an email, your prospect information, or your account details, you don’t have to worry, as it is safe in your backup solution. It allows you to focus on being an entrepreneur without sweating the little (or big) things, meaning you can drive your business forward.

Cost vs Benefit of outsourcing

Cost is obviously a large factor in outsourcing, and it’s important that you weigh the cost of outsourcing against the cost of employing someone to do the job for you. When we look at the example above, it often works out as being much more efficient to outsource vs recruiting and hiring an experienced IT Manager with a solid knowledge of backup and disaster recovery.

Like bringing on any employee or partner there are risks, but outsourcing ultimately offers businesses great advantages. It allows you to build a team of industry experts without the expense of full-time employees and it means you’re not getting tied down by tasks that can be carried out without your input. It’s a proven strategy that allows SME’s to grow their business in an affordable way without letting it take over your life.

If you are interested in outsourcing benefits for your backup requirements to an experienced partner and want to focus on growing your business and meeting your objectives, download our guide today. 

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