Backup Systems to the rescue!

A recent recovery process proved successful for one of our clients, as a ransomware attack meant they had to turn to us to bring their systems back up and running. The ransomware attackers tried to make off with all of their files and company, but Backup Systems saved the day, quickly and painlessly. The attackers were able to strike, despite our client having the latest anti-virus and email scanning tools, which shows that a backup is vital to recovering.

After informing us of the issue at hand, we were quick to respond and worked with the client to narrow down what the cause of the outage was, so that we could correctly assist and restore what was required. Once we got the client back on their feet, they thanked us for our work and said, without our quick actions and fast recovery, they would definitely be out of business.

As we’ve said before many times, don’t wait until something happens to then try and find a backup solution, have one in place before anything happens, so you’re able to recover, without starting from scratch.

You’ve no doubt seen a post or two from us in the past about businesses, from big or small having their systems go down. Whether it be a general post about what to do if you become infected with ransomware, or one that talks about a big-name company having their systems go down in error. We’ve posted about it multiple times, not because we love it so much, but because it appears to effect business on a semi regular basis, no matter the size.

What we’re getting at is, don’t wait around for an attack to happen, or your systems to go down unexpectedly, because then you’ll really struggle to regain composure. Cyber-attacks are frequent, and proven to be catastrophic, and no one is too big or too small to avoid it, so it’s better to be prepared than to carry on like you’re invincible.

Luckily, our client had a third-party backup with us, but if you don’t, you might not be as lucky. Visit the managed services tab as seen on our site here, where you’ll be able to see a wide range of different backup options we have on offer. If you aren’t sure which is the right one of you then don’t panic, we offer a FREE demonstration, which allows you to see how it all works, without having to invest 100% into any given option. Get in contact with us now to secure a spot, email us at or alternatively call us at 0845 671 0290.

We believe that we are essential to your business to keep it going, and so do our clients too, see what they have to say about us here –

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Nasa