Backup Systems supports Azure & AWS storage accounts.

Microsoft Azure & AWS storage accounts enable you to have a safe, offsite copy of your data for a reduced cost. Being able to support this platform, means we can work with hot or cold storage tiers, whichever suits your business needs. With cold storage, this offers an archived backup solution in the cloud, ensuring you have a backup copy at the ready in case of a disaster recovery incident.

Using a storage account gives you an extra backup copy offsite in the cloud, and the cold storage option puts it at a lower cost tier as it isn’t being used all the time, meaning an overly powerful solution isn’t necessary to meet cyber insurance or business requirements.

This type of storage is appropriate for important records that may be needed to be kept for legal reasons, onsite physical backup servers may not have the capacity to meet such needs, and this is where we can help you reach them.

Keeping a peace of mind copy shouldn’t come with a big price tag, so we’re here to offer this cost-effective solution to you.

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Photo by Daniel Lawrence, Pixabay, Azamat Esenaliev and Egor Kamelev