Backup Systems saves the day!

After Alex Begg were facing issues with one of their most important virtual machines which hosted their essential databases, we stepped in to get it back up and running. Working closely with Alex Begg, we were able to restore multiple point-in-time versions of their virtual server, so that we could track down a copy of the machine which was stable. The server in question has a network share, which allowed us to quickly copy the VHDX’s to their Hyper-V cluster storage, it also has a file level drive backup, and a dedicated MSSQL backup, this allowed us to bring all the data on the server up to date.

John McIntyre who is the IT Network & Systems Engineer at Alex Begg, said…

“Having worked in the field of IT for over a decade, I have encountered my fair share of backup providers, but none have impressed me quite like Backup Systems. As an IT administrator tasked with the critical responsibility of safeguarding my company’s data, I am constantly on the lookout for reliable and robust solutions that can ensure seamless data protection without compromising efficiency. With Backup Systems, I’ve discovered a partner that not only meets but exceeds all my expectations.”

Alex Begg were more than happy with the quick and reliable service Backup Systems provided them, if you’d like us take care of your systems then don’t hesitate to get in contact. Check out our managed services where you will find everything you need to know about the services we provide, as well as the relevant contact information to book a FREE demo with us, so you can see how it all works before you buy.

And isn’t just Alex Begg that were satisfied, take a look at our other 5* reviews if you have any doubts about choosing Backup Systems.

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Tima Miroshnichenko