Backup Systems continues to impress customers.

With an impossible to beat backup service, it’s no surprise that we continue to receive positive 5-star reviews from our customers. These are important to us as it shows that we can backup our claims of being the best and only UK developer of Backup and DR software as a service (BaaS). 

A recent review from one of our customers below said…

“Superb company in all ways, most companies today seam to lack customer service, not with Backup, their customer service puts to shame almost all companies I have to deal with. would highly recommend Backup.”

Another of our customers Pete Mikolajczyk recently said…

“Yet again Backup Systems have proven their worth. Having faced a huge issue on one of our production servers which we narrowed down to an impeding hardware issue Backup System jumped into action and worked over the weekend without any hesitation to restore the server as a virtual machine. Production server is now back up and running as a VM. Emergency averted thanks to Backup Systems, a company that you can truly count on and that work as part of your wider team!!”.

More of our positive reviews can be read at the link below.

If you’re after a trusted UK developer to backup your systems, then get in contact today to book a demo, or visit our managed services on our website to find out more.

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & cottonbro studio