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Backup Systems approved by Crown Commercial Service


As a successful and growing organisation in the digital space, Backup Systems were keen to explore the extensive market opportunities that exist within the public sector.

Following a successful engagement with Government Framework Specialists, GovData, Backup Systems received confirmation from Crown Commercial Service (CCS) regarding their approval as a Digital Outcomes Specialist supplier (DOS 3).

Backup Systems, based in London are one of the UK’s leading backup companies, specialising in cost-effective, secure onsite and cross-site backups for medium to large businesses.

As part of a consultation process, GovData provided Backup Systems with an insight into the best practice approach to obtaining public sector contracts, a market that runs into trillions of pounds globally.

Backup Systems Managing Director, Mark Ridley commented, “The public sector procurement arena has been a myth to us for some time.  It is often portrayed as immensely challenging to access, time-consuming and costly, with limited opportunities for SME’s.”

He continued “However, many companies are successful in meeting the needs of government frameworks and we sought to identify a procurement consultant that would be able to advise us in this area.  We entered into a collaboration with GovData, based on their extensive sector experience and outstanding record of achievement.”

The Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace supports the Government vision of a Public Sector ‘Amazon’ meaning that Backup Systems, as a fully compliant supplier, can deliver services to Government departments across the UK and in doing so, open up numerous public sector opportunities.

Ridley added, “The Digital Marketplace is fast-paced and evolving, and our approved status supports our objective for strategic engagement with the public sector centring on the management of backup and disaster recovery solutions.”

GovData provides professional advice and consultancy to the private sector, helping Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) understand, identify and win more government and public sector customers.

Christian Hugo, CEO for GovData, “We manage and mitigate risk for organisations seeking to work within the public sector.  Our specialist expertise in this area has enabled our procurement and bid teams to work with over 500 customers, achieving 100% technology framework success.”

GovData works predominantly with SME’s in a market that has been more readily shaped around their needs in recent years. So much so, Crown Commercial Service has the mandate to ensure 33% of contract awards (by revenue) are allocated to the SME marketplace by 2020.

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