Are you using Microsoft Office 365? Are you keeping a remote backup of it?

Microsoft Office 365 includes almost all Microsoft products from OneDrive to Outlook and even Teams, it is almost guaranteed that you are using it within your business and are reading this right now using a part of Microsoft Office 365.

So, given that everything you rely on to work and maintain your company is all down to Microsoft Office 365 you should really be asking yourself, are you doing everything you can to ensure that it is safe and secure?

Even Microsoft themselves advise that you should have an extra offline backup away from Microsoft so that if you do fall victim to a ransomware attack you can get back up and running without worrying about a loss of important data.

Ransomware only needs to target one individual in your organisation to be able to spread and infect everyone and undoing the damage when you don’t have a Backup can be a potentially impossible task. A single email containing a download link or attached file is all it takes for you to fall victim to a Ransomware attack so even with your guard up you can still find yourself at the hands of hackers.

Even a defence contractor in Australia found himself exposed so do not think you are exempt from these kinds of potential hacks; it is always vital to ensure you have an extra copy of your systems in the event you make a mistake.

Ransomware in short holds your files for ransom with the promise of them being returned at the cost of hefty fee. Not only should these ransoms not be paid but there is a high likely hood that your files will not even be made accessible again if you were to pay, leaving you still without access to your data but also at a financial loss as well. Not to mention the potential loss of business if your systems were to go down leaving you unable to run your company.

With Office 365 being cloud based its believed that these would be backed up but if they fail you have no way of retrieving anything, With Backup Systems we offer a backup solution for Office 365 that ensures you can be back up and running in no time and not have to worry about losing anything. Our backups are scheduled to run automatically and provide you with better security and data management.

Photo by Daniel Lawrence