Three weeks ago, the NHS fell victim to a cyber attack that continues to plague them with problems today resulting in them having to write care notes for patients on pieces of paper.

If this was happening to you, would you still be in business with three weeks of your systems being down?

Would you still have a job if you had not protected your company?

It is just a matter of time before YOU are attacked, security products and firewalls are always one step behind the attackers. The only way to survive is with good backups. 

Loss of data can lead to an inability to function for many businesses, which opens up potential job insecurity and huge fines. Ransomware demands can cost companies millions of pounds. Cloud products such as Azure or AWS are not backups.

What software are you using that has severe vulnerabilities?

You will have some, the only defence is a good backup.

We have helped many companies to recover within an hour to a previous point in time before the hack.

Don’t be a victim, have us make sure you have backups of any point in time to go back to.

Backup Systems are the UK’s top-rated supplier of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions with a unique Managed Service solution for your backups.

We are also part of Made in Britain, making Backup Systems the leader in the UK regarding backup solutions. Our software was created in the UK and managed in the UK.


What can you do to prevent ransomware attacks?

New studies show an increased number of ransomware attacks have affected various sectors in recent months. In 2020, almost half of UK businesses (46%) and a quarter of UK charities (26%) reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks*.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents you from accessing your systems or the data held on them. The data is usually encrypted, deleted or stolen. Sometimes the computer itself is made inaccessible.

To prevent cyber-attacks and improve your security, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has a five-step guide. Number one is to backup your data (!):

  • Step 1 – Back up your data
  • Step 2 – Protect your organisation from malware
  • Step 3 – Keep your smartphones (and tablets) safe
  • Step 4 – Using passwords to protect your data
  • Step 5 – Avoid phishing attacks


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Backing up your data may not be sexy, but it is possibly one of the most important business functions. And backing up the data is only the first stage – retrieving and restoring is another story. Too often we have heard tales of data restores being incomplete or failing altogether.

For guidance on how to protect your organisation from ransomware, and where there may be gaps in your current arrangements, then complete our contact form or call 0845 671 0290

* UK Government, Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020
Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Cottonbro