2024 brings our new system aimed at MSPs!

With the new year comes exciting new developments at Backup Systems, we are introducing our new system which is aimed at MSPs. This will include a wide array of new screens specifically designed for MSPs to manage their customers, including billing, auditing, and user management.

With the billing screen, you’re able to automatically calculate bills for your customers, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. You’re also able to run reports to see historical bills, and setup schedules so that invoices can be emailed to your customers.

The Auditing screen allows you to see everything that goes on, from users accessing the system to restore backups, including the date and time it was actioned, the IP address and the user. You can even see logins to the GUI and share, which tabs a user selects, files they search for, and restores that have been made. Everything that is done is safely logged and audited.

The Customer management screen enables the creation of users and groups. When you create a user, you can manage what tabs they can see, and you can also lock-down files and even servers they are able to restore. You can also setup MFA, SSO, and AD authentication, as well as filter what a user can see and do.

All of this is included on top of the current service that Backup Systems already provides to numerous customers, with round the clock service and support from a reliable team, SSO and MFA implementation, UK based developer, what more could you want? We are available for a free demo upon request, get in contact with us by using the relevant contact details found here on our website.

Any business can talk about how good their service is, which is why you should see what are clients have to say instead at https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/back-up-systems-ltd

Photo by Daniel Lawrence & Nordwood Themes