SQL Server Backup

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SQL Server Backup

SQL database servers are vital to your business’s operations, managing everything from employee records and customer management to payroll and accounts. Any loss of data, server downtime, or physical damage to hardware can have a devastating impact on your company and your customers – not to mention financially.

That’s why here at Backup Systems we can provide a safe and effective SQL server backup solution as part of our managed backup service – keeping your business and every last bit of data safe.

What Does Our SQL Backup Involve?

Backups of your SQL server databases can be taken at any intervals of your choosing, including hourly, daily or weekly. These can be full, incremental or differential backups covering everything within each database. The system is fully customisable – you can choose to include or exclude any number of databases on each SQL Server.

This ensures that, in the event of the need to restore databases or complete disaster recovery, nothing is ever lost; you will always have access to the most up-to-date versions of your SQL databases.

Our management solution includes full SQL database backups for a number of different platforms including:

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL

Regardless of what database platform you use, we can provide a comprehensive backup solution that not only protects your data in the most effective way possible but also ensures a quick and easy recovery process for any or all of your SQL databases.

This minimises downtime – saving your business both valuable resource and, most importantly, money. View our full breakdown of our managed service by clicking here; get in touch to discuss what you need to keep your business protected and running, including SQL server backup.

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