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Hyper-V Backup

Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation platform offers your business the chance to run multiple operating systems from one server.

This allows you to use the hardware more effectively, but it also means less pieces of server equipment – so it’s much more convenient.

However, with this reliance comes the need to secure all your data. Your business is putting a lot of trust in a platform providing access to files and virtual machines so an effective backup strategy is essential – and that’s where our solutions at Backup Systems come in.

Why are backups of Hyper-V servers vital?

Virtualisation is great in many respects, however it can be seen as putting all of your eggs in one basket. Hyper-V is like a computer in that, at some point, it (or one of the operating systems) will likely fail. But if you have the correct backup server in place and perform regular backups, this won’t be an issue.

Our Hyper-V backup solution ensures that every single virtual machine running the Hyper-V server platform is safe and can quickly be restored in a matter of minutes.

Our Hyper-V backup provides:

  • Fast incremental backups.
  • A reliable & safe platform for SMEs.
  • Entire Hyper-V server backups; no need for us to connect to single machines for individual backups.
  • Real-time backups; little data loss.

Regardless of whether disaster strikes, hardware fails or data loss occurs. We’ll be able to restore your virtual environment exactly as it was – not only will your virtual hard disks be backed up, but also the full virtual machine configuration. So you’ll have access to previous versions of a virtual machine very quickly, should you need it. This means minimal data loss and significantly reduced downtime; the cost to even a small business from downtime can easily run into the thousands as each hour passes!

Keep your Hyper-V virtual environment running in a safe and reliable way, that you can be confident will always be backed up; choose Backup Systems as your independent backup provider.

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