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Risk vs Benefits of outsourcing your data backup

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There has never been a better time to outsource your IT services, its easier than ever before and more rewarding. Third-party vendors can offer organisations scalable services that meet your unique requirements without a massive investment in new infrastructure.

When you outsource your IT function you can experience a multitude of benefits such as cost savings and access to best of breed technologies, allowing medium businesses to compete on a playing field previously reserved for only the largest of enterprises. But it’s not without risk.

In this blog, we will explore the risks vs the benefits of outsourcing your backup, including the perception of less control and security concerns versus the addition of IT expertise and cost/resource-saving.

Less Control

When you outsource your IT, you are placing your trust in a third party organisation – relying on their expertise and their resources. You may have less control over the process, but you also don’t have to worry about your IT Assistant turning up or has he/she has properly done your backup.

Less control over the process of creating your backup may prove to relieve some of the pressure within your role or alleviate some of your concerns. Reduce the risk, outsource to a trusted backup specialist and with a signed SLA in place, your assets will be protected.

Security Concerns

It’s another obvious one in terms of risk and understandably outsourcing the backup of your data can seem daunting. It can feel like giving your emails, files, financial data and corporate secrets to someone else but as above your contractor is bound to the terms of their contract, especially the non-disclosure agreement.

If this level of security does not feel like enough, then look for a provider that offers end to end encryption. The Backup Systems solution runs on your infrastructure, meaning your data never leaves your premises and that your backups are always encrypted, even when you recover a lost file it will remain encrypted.

IT Expertise & Resource

You may have an incredible IT team within your organisation, so let them focus on your employee experience and maintaining your network and systems. Backup can be a notoriously difficult process to manage, it is a manual and labour-intensive task that can eat up hours of your IT resource so why not outsource it to a specialist?

At Backup we have over 10 years of experience in managing a diverse portfolio of multi-national clients from a variety of industries; including the finance, manufacturing and legal sectors.  Our bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution is designed, and created by us, giving us complete control.

We live and breathe backup, it’s all that we do. Our knowledge is unrivalled and you can trust that your businesses vital backups are always in safe hands and that if you ever have any queries or questions, we will be available for reassurance and advice.

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